Monday, February 11, 2019

Thanissaro Bhikkhu book: Right Mindfulness

SN 46.1, SN 46.2, SN 46.3 The Real Bojjhanga parittas, Pali, and some in English

SN 46 Bojjhaṅga Saṃyutta

18 vaggas, 184 suttas

SN 46.1 Himavanta: Himalayas: 🔗🔊 pli 3m STED 7sb formula with a beautiful simile of mighty dragon descending from himalayas
SN 46.2 Kāya: Body: 🔗🔊 pli 7m Simile of body to show what 5niv and 7sb are feeding on. I.e. what supporting conditions for all factors.
SN 46.3 Sīla: Virtue: 🔗🔊 pli 6m Shows how listening and reflecting on Dhamma leads you into 2nd Jhāna

You definitely want to memorize the compressed form of SN 46.3. (See the snyopsis of SN 46.3 sutta text link above).
It's the heart of EBT meditation, probaby the most frequently occurring meditation instructions in the suttas, along with the standard 4 jhana formula.

By interesting coincidence, I found that the pace I read it, takes 37 seconds to read.
How cool is that? (trim off 4 seconds of silence at end of recording)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

MN 125 eng. 28min

Has not had PL (proof listening) yet. 
Reading is from the B. Sujato translation included on that audio page.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

standing meditation timer

repeat alarm timer for standing qigong left and right symmetry:

I'll write more about this later in a separate article.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

DN 2 Sāmañña-phala sutta. Eng., Pali, 🔊 and text epub, azw3, html

🔗 🔊 DN 2 Sāmañña-phala Pāli chanting 🎙️ by Ven. Jiv.

DN 2 Sāmañña-phala:  recluseship-fruits: 🔗🔊 ~75 min, Eng.🤖🎙️

The Buddha's most detailed gradual training description, with beautiful similes for each part.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

pali chanting, 16 APS 🌬️ 😤 (Ānā-pāna-s-sati)

16 APS 🌬️ 😤 (Ānā-pāna-s-sati)

(in-breath (&) out-breath remembering)

🔗🔊 ~5min pāli 🎙️Ven. Jiv. 🔗🔊 1 file